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China Sourcing Direct's product gallery has products that have been sold in the past and are currently being sold now to existing clients. You will notice that our products are sold in various ways based on the clients needs. They come FOB, CIF and LDP. With Jif Logistics we handle custom services for the client that wants head ache free door-to-door service. These products range from textiles to machinery. China Sourcing Direct is assisting many clients with real information on products that you will see in the product descriptions listed. We at China Sourcing Direct look forward to assisting you in your business ventures.

The following is a list of products already sourced out in PDF format.
Economy Chef Coat S900
Economy Chef Coat S1000
Economy Chef Coat (Knot Button) S1100
Executive Chef Coat S2000
Classic Chef Coat S4000
Baggy Chef Pants S5000
Woven Baggy Chef Pants S6000
Napkins 100 poly
Napkins Murata Jet Spun Polyester
Tablecloths 100 poly
Tablecloths Murta Jet Spun Polyester
Electric Wenches
Dirt Bike CTM90PY
Dirt Bike CTM125GY
Dirt Bike CTM125GY-1


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