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China Sourcing Direct has compiled a list of quick outsourcing facts. These facts are important to the company that wants to grow and over take the market share within their region. The reason for using a sourcing company is to reduce your cost and make your company more profitable. This occurs through good business practices and utilizing China Sourcing Direct's skilled personnel thus allowing you to concentrate on more important day-to-day operations and sales. China Sourcing Direct brings you to the next level without the headaches.

Outsourcing Quick Facts
* Accelerate re-engineering benefits
* Free resources for other purposes
* Improve company focus
* Make capital funds available
* Reduce operating costs
* Reduce risk
* Resources not available internally

Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource
*Reduce and control operating costs
*Improve company focus
*Gain access to world-class capabilities
*Free internal resources for other purposes
*Resources are not available internally
*Accelerate re-engineering benefits
*Function difficult to manage/out of control
*Make capital funds available
*Share risks
*Cash infusion


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