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If you currently have a supplier in China already, but have no reliable party to handle the export formalities, we can assist you in that matter through one of our global logistics providers. China Sourcing Direct can handle those requirements for you.

We have several global providers of integrated logistics services, including domestic and international freight forwarding via multi-modal carriers, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution and other transportation-related services.

Consulting Services for Sourcing Products
Part of sourcing products is consulting. China Sourcing Direct has been doing business in China for many years. Our extensive resources, back ground, and connections allow us to provide product sourcing at rates much lower than any other competitor. China Sourcing Direct will save you time and money with this service. China Sourcing Direct has several consulting plans available when sourcing products within China to meet your needs. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly contracts. Depending on what your looking for will determine what the services will cost and the amount of time that is required.

Example: You would require China Sourcing Direct to locate manufactures of a specific product for you to deal directly with and provide you pricing, lead time, QC / QA programs, corporate profile data, staff management, geographical location, port logistics, financing, product sample policies.

China Sourcing Direct has more extensive consulting programs which are comprised of our own internal controls in QC / QA, testing, and following up on the contractual obligations of all parties involved. Products that are already listed in the China Sourcing Directs product gallery do not need consulting as we have established long term relationships with these manufactures and the factories in which we already operate.


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