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Home supplies are a large category that encompasses many different areas. This field mostly contains items that provide basic needs in and around the home. China is now the number one manufacturing producer of home furniture. They have an extensive knowledge base on this product and America is the largest consumer of these goods. China Sourcing Direct works with some low to extremely high-end factories. Home supplies have become basic consumable items in which Chinese manufactures are producing most of today’s world supply. China Sourcing Direct will fulfill all your requirements in this area with hard-core business practices to negotiate the right deal for you. The list below will guide you to what you may be looking for.

Air Fresheners, Baby Food, Feeding Supplies, Infant Garments, Infant Toys, infant Games, Nursery Furniture, Nursery Decor, Parenting Books, Music, Videos, Safety, Health, Baby Care, Baby Bibs, Baby Car Seats, Baby Diapers, Baby Skin Care, Baby Sleeping Bags, Baby Wipes, Diaper Bags, Strollers, Walkers, Carriers, Bath Supplies, Toilet Supplies, Bath Brushes, Sponges, Scrubbers, Bath Mats, Bath Sets, Bath Accessories, Bathroom Scales, Shower Caps, Shower Curtains, Bedding, Bedding Sets, Blankets, Pillows, Quilts, Sheets, Covers, Daily Machinery Products, Detergent, Garden Supplies, Fencing, Edging, Flower Pots, Flower Planters, Flowers, Plants, Garden Gazebos, Pavilions, Garden Tools, Garden Equipment, Lawn Ornaments, Garden Ornaments, Home Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Bath Mirror, Bathroom Cabinets, Towel Racks, Bath Racks, Paper Holders, Bedroom Furniture, Air Beds, Mattresses, Armoires, Wardrobes, Bedroom Sets, Beds, Dressers, Nightstands, Dining Room Furniture, Buffets, Hutches, Dining Room Chairs, Dining Room Sets, Dining Room Tables, Kitchen Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Bookcases, Bookshelves, Cabinets, Chests, CD Racks, Chairs, Recliners, Chaise Lounges, Coat Racks, Coffee End Tables, Tea Tables, Shoe Racks, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Stools, Ottomans, TV Stands, Nursery Furniture, Decor, Home Storage, Organization, Home Supplies Agents, Home Supplies Projects, Home Supplies Stocks, Household Paper, Sanitary Paper, Adult Diapers, Facial Tissue, Feminine Hygiene, Paper Napkins, Serviettes, Toilet Tissue, Wet Wipes, Brooms, Dustpans, Cleaning Brushes, Cleaning Cloths, Clothes Shavers, Dusters, Household Gloves, Lint Rollers, Brushes, Mops, Sponges, Scouring Pads, Squeegees, Steam Cleaners, Trash Bags, Trash Bins, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Household Plastic Products, Bathrobes, Carpet, Curtains, Cushions, Rugs, Mats, Table Clothes, Towels, Handkerchief, Upholstery Textile, Bottles, Cups, Mugs, Glass, Tumbler, Pots, Kettle, Thermoses, Vacuum Flasks, Kitchenware, Bakeware, BBQ, Grilling, Outdoor Cooking, Cookware, Cookware Parts, Cookware Sets, Dutch Ovens, Frying Pans, Metal Kettles, Pressure Cookers, Saucepans, Steamers, Stock Pots, Woks, Gas Lighters, Aprons, Can Openers, Bottle Openers, Cocktail Mixers, Cocktail Shakers, Cooking Utensils, Serving Utensils, Cooking Thermometers, Cutting Boards, Fruit Baskets, Ice Buckets, Ice Crushers, Ice Shavers, Kitchen Gadget Kits, Kitchen Knives, Knife Sets, Kitchen Scales, Kitchen Scissors, Oven Mitts, Hangers, Racks, Ironing Boards, Laundry Bags, Laundry Baskets, Laundry Balls, Laundry Discs, Scrub Brushes, Scrubboards, Ashtrays, Cigar Accessories, Cigar Cases, Cigar Humidors, Cigarette Cases, Hookahs, Lighters, Matches, Smoking Pipes, Mirrors, Needlework, Pest Control, Tableware, Chopsticks, Condiment Container Sets, Dinnerware, Acrylic Dinnerware, Polymeric Dinnerware, Ceramic Dinnerware, Porcelain Dinnerware, Glass Dinnerware, Melamine Dinnerware, Plastic Dinnerware, Silver Dinnerware, Stainless Steel Dinnerware, Stoneware Dinnerware, Wood Dinnerware, Bamboo Dinnerware, Disposable Tableware, Flatware, Cutleries, Napkin Holders, Napkin Rings, Tea Sets, Coffee Sets, Toothpicks, Dispensers, Umbrellas, Raincoats, Window Coverings, Window Decorations, Awnings, Canopies, Blind, Shades, Shutters, Window Hardware and Window Accessories.


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