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This is a unique category dealing with old style to ultra modern crafts. If you are looking for the little things in crafts China Sourcing Direct will be the firm that will save you time. This category has many companies selling these products. The United States are large purchasers of these types of products as they are low cost and appealing to the consumer. Many of these products become outdated quickly as consumer trends change. Using efficient quality control programs and knowing where the quality companies are located, China Sourcing Direct has the key to making this successful while insuring that the product is manufactured to your specifications. Listed are some of the items that pertain to this category.

Antique Imitation Crafts, Antiques, Collectibles, Artificial Crafts, Arts Designing, Bamboo Crafts, Wooden Crafts, Basketry, Candles, Candle Holders, Carving Crafts, Clay Figurines, Crafts Gifts, Crystal, Embroidery Textiles, Crafts Textiles, Folk Crafts, Glassware, Holiday Gifts, Holiday Decorations, Holiday Lighting, Hourglasses, Jade Crafts, Key Chains, Metal Crafts, Natural Crafts, Paintings, Calligraphies, Paints, Crafts, Paper Crafts, Picture Frames, Photo Albums, Plastic Crafts, Pottery, Enamels, Promotion Gifts, Pyrography, Religious Crafts, Resinic Crafts, Sculptures, Stone Carvings, Stone Sculptures, Vases, Bamboo Vases, Wooden Vases, Ceramic Vases, Porcelain Vases, Glass Vases, Crystal Vases, Metal Vases, Resin Vases, Picture Frames, Rope Lights, Framed Crafts, Crystal Crafts, Christmas Decorations, Oil Paintings, Oil Lamps, Artificial Flowers, Flashing Gifts, Wicker Baskets, Pen Holders, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Wine Stoppers and Mirror Frames.


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