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In today’s market many automobile parts are manufactured in China, creating opportunity for the small to mid sized distributor to take advantage of low costs and the high quality of parts manufactured here. China Sourcing Direct can assist you in these ventures with quality control, quality assurance as well as fulfill your small orders bringing more profits to your bottom line. Seeing there is a large range of specialty parts in the automotive sector, China Sourcing Direct can save countless hours of research and put real money in your pocket.

ATV, Auto Accessories, Auto Electrical System, Auto Batteries, Auto Ignition System, Auto Lighting System, Auto Starter Systems, Generators, Alternators, Motors, Relays, Sensors, Switches, Speakers, Horns, Auto Electronics, Car Audio, Car Video, Communications, Navigation, GPS, Radar Detectors, Auto Bearings, Auto Filters, Auto Meter, Brakes, Car Glass, Mirrors, Clutches, Clutch Parts, Cooling Systems, Engine Parts, Mounts, Exhaust Systems, Heating, Air Conditioning Systems, Muffler Assembly, Radiators, Radiator Parts, Security, Safety Products, Shock Absorbers, Steering, Transmission Parts, Tanks, Tank Parts, Tube Assembly, Wheel, Tire Parts, Windshield Wipers, Wire Assembly, Auto Production Line Equipment, Auto Repair Equipment, Tools, Electric Motorcycles, Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycles, Parking, Special Transportation Equipment .

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