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provides a channel with extensive knowledge of China product sourcing and business practices for companies. Looking for a China manufacturer and/or product sourcing strategy to cut manufacturing costs while staying ahead of the competition, or improving product quality over your current North American, European or Asian supplier can be difficult for new companies. We can help guide you through this complicated process.

China Sourcing Direct functions as your buying agent to protect your interests and eliminates the premiums charged by brokers and trading companies. This enables companies to gain a competitive edge and increase their bottom line with minimum investment and risk.

In today's economy, finding low-cost, high-quality sources for capital equipment, materials and services has become critical to remaining financially viable. Forward-thinking businesses realize that they need to expand their sourcing and production to global markets to remain competitive.

A typical barrier to global sourcing is the lack of available and knowledgeable internal resources that can affordably locate and qualify producers in other parts of the world. China Sourcing Direct helps you overcome this challenge.
Through years of constantly seeking new and better manufacturers in China, we have gathered lots of information and experience and have established good relationship with many quality manufacturers in China. Tell us your needs and we will find a quality dependable source for you.

Our staff is composed of market personnel, inspectors, and logistic personnel. In addition to providing good sourcing to you, we can also provide a series of service to you, including inspection, quality assurance, quality control, delivery management and so on.

Consulting Services for Sourcing Products
Part of sourcing products is consulting. China Sourcing Direct has been doing business in China for many years. Our extensive resources, back ground, and connections allow us to provide product sourcing at rates much lower than any other competitor. China Sourcing Direct will save you time and money with this service. China Sourcing Direct has several consulting plans available when sourcing products within China to meet your needs. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly contracts. Depending on what your looking for will determine what the services will cost and the amount of time that is required.

China Sourcing Direct has more extensive consulting programs which are comprised of our own internal controls in QC / QA, testing, and following up on the contractual obligations of all parties involved. Products that are already listed in the China Sourcing Directs product gallery do not need consulting as we have established long term relationships with these manufactures and the factories in which we already operate.

We are an organization that specializes in helping companies with sourcing products to gain a competitive advantage.




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